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Give yourself a chance to earn the prestigious (RGI) Raw Gourmet International certification.

At Raw Gourmet International we are dedicated to preserving and passing on the mastery and appreciation of the raw culinary arts to our students, who come to us from over 5 different countries, worldwide. Our master, Chef Mehmet Ak (trained in the world’s finest restaurants, hotels, and catering establishments), enriches our curriculum with his own regional and professional culinary traditions.

In addition to raw culinary arts programs, Raw Gourmet International has combined innovation and creativity with tradition to offer a range of entrepreneurial counseling and internship programs. Raw Culinary art Hospitality programs range from Raw Chef Certification to Restaurant and Catering Management as well as Raw Chef Instructor. We have changed during the time, our programs became more dynamic and more complex. These changes gave us the chance to develop further, modernize our institution and more adequately prepare our students for their future in the raw culinary arts. Now Raw Gourmet International offers bed and breakfast above the school building at very reasonable price as well.

At Raw Gourmet International our mission is to help you to find your path so that you can begin your Raw Culinary career. We offer very basic to highest level of hands on raw culinary classes. What you learn here will help you to start your own Raw Vegan business. We also provide mini-programs, Raw Nutrition Informative classes and small workshops. Raw Culinary art will help you become a part of the Raw culinary community in the today’s world. Deciding on the perfect Raw Culinary art school is simply the first step, finding your way in the Raw culinary community comes next.

Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, one student at a time.

Since we opened our doors in 2005, the RGI has been helping students fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with the student’s classroom teachers for the most efficient learning.


4 curriculum’s of comprehensive raw food training, for the raw chef all hands on. From kitchen setup and herb & spice combining, to irresistible meals that your family will love. The kind of food you’ll be able to make after this will be suitable for impressive raw food dinner parties.
Discover how truly alive food can be. Learn the delicious and vibrant art of raw fermentation, for probiotic packed food and drinks. Eating this food daily will help your internal flora grow in abundance and boost your health to new levels.