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Give yourself a chance to earn the prestigious (RGI) Raw Gourmet International certification.

At Raw Gourmet International we are dedicated to preserving and passing on the mastery and appreciation of the raw culinary arts to our students, who come to us from over 5 continents. Our master, Chef Mehmet Ak (trained in the world’s finest restaurants, hotels, and catering establishments), enriches our curriculums with his own regional and professional culinary traditions.

In addition to raw culinary arts programs, Raw Gourmet International has combined innovation and creativity with tradition to offer a range of entrepreneurial counseling and internship programs. Raw Culinary art Hospitality programs range from Raw Chef Certification to Restaurant and Catering Management as well as Raw Chef Instructor. We have changed during the time, our programs became more dynamic and more complex. These changes gave us the chance to develop further, modernize our institution and more adequately prepare our students for their future in the raw culinary arts. Now Raw Gourmet International offers bed and breakfast above the school building at very reasonable price as well.

At Raw Gourmet International our mission is to help you to find your path so that you can begin your Raw Culinary career. We offer very basic to highest level of hands on raw culinary classes. What you learn here will help you to start your own Raw Vegan business. We also provide mini-programs, Raw Nutrition Informative classes and small workshops. Raw Culinary art will help you become a part of the Raw culinary community in the today's world. Deciding on the perfect Raw Culinary art school is simply the first step, finding your way in the Raw culinary community comes next.
Put on your chef hat but turn off the flames!!

The name Raw Gourmets International was used for the first time in relation to rawculinary excellence in 2005 when Master Chef Mehmet Ak created one of themost important orders in Chicago.

November 14th, 2005 is the date when the first raw “uncooking” demonstration took place on Cousin’s located in 3038 west Irving Park Rd. Shortly after,due to the prestigious nature of Raw Living Food life style and its growing community, Raw Gourmets International Culinary Art Institute, the very first Raw Culinary Art School launched in Chicago, became well recognized and celebrated. Great effort was put in the promotion of the school but great results rewarded it.

From this point on, the international reputation of Raw Gourmets International spread rapidly. Great chefs came to the school to teach students further, contributing to the world-renowned reputation of the raw culinary school. As a result, students from a variety of countries were enrolling in classes as well as notable restaurants start opening world wide.

Today, Raw Gourmet International proudly offers hands on traning with real chefs now locadet in Turkey, and is attended by more than 290 students every year. Students are taught by our Master Chef, Mehmet Ak and RGİ graduates.



Living Foods Chef Extraordinaire

Chef Mehmet Ak's culinary experience began in Turkey under the supervision of the Turkish culinary master chef Adem Baba in Izmit. He was 23 when he arrived in Chicago and worked his way up as a dishwasher, pizza maker, line cook, souse chef, and waiter as well as captain in many of Chicago's top restaurants. He opened his first restaurant called Cousin's Turkish Dining in1990. Over the years he created 4 Cousin'srestaurants with the same name and same menu. His restaurant was selected
"best non-vegetarian restaurant for 
vegetarians in Chicago's "New City Magazine".

Our legendary Chicago Chef Mehmet Ak recently experienced a full body and mind transformation through a detoxification program. His inspiration and new found knowledge combined with feeling and looking the best ever in years led to the birth of the new raw4ever life style.

Further more, Chef Mehmet took his
transformation to the next level by
expanding his already amazing culinary expertise by completing the Living Light Institute program in California, came back to chicago and opened RAW GOURMETS İNTERNATİONAL first HANDS ON Raw Culinary school in the World year 2005.